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Dear Students we truly appriciate all your reviews. Your progress and joy of dance is what drives us in making your dance experience unforgatable! Knowing your preferences helps us to learn how we can help you to grow even further. We welcome all your comments!         

Stephen  "Friendly, fun, and productive for all levels"

I take group and private tango lessons with Natasha. She strikes an excellent balance between focus and fun, between challenge and teaching at my level. She doesn't just teach steps, she teaches principles with which I can improvise. The environment is very positive, but gentle critique is there when it's needed. Tango has a steep learning curve, but after a class with Natasha I always go home with something new or improved.                  

QuiQue Olvera-Garcia        "Great for All Levels"
I have been enjoying the most pleasant experience learning tango from Natasha –the one I call “Maestra Bonita” for over eighteen months, unknowing anything about tango and afraid to step on the dance floor and ask to dance any lady -up to today that as soon as I get into any “milonga” I do not stop dancing until the very last song. Mostly, because she is very professional, savvy, patient to teach, with positive attitude, and great sense of humor encouraging her students to go beyond expectations.
Go "Maestra Bonita"

Alexis & Kosta Grigerman     "Amazing Dance Teacher! I resommend her highly!"
My husband and I were taught by Natasha for our first dance at our wedding. We told her the song we wanted to use, and she was prepared with all of this amazing choreography when we arrived for our first class! She was kind and patient and very funny, and she taught two people who NEVER dance to dance beautifully. She gave us great tips, changed the dance a bit to fit our needs and comfort levels, and made us so confident with the dance that we nailed it!
Natasha, thank you so much for our amazing dance at our wedding. It was perfect in every way! You are great at what you do! Thanks again!

Roman Derevyanny     "Amazing experience"
Dance InStyle Studio and her owner-instructor Natasha Maltseva provide a great relaxing experience in a warm, friendly atmosphere.
For a working professional, it’s an excellent way to relieve the stress and learn to dance!

Irina    "peace of ART"
Dear Natasha, I would like to let you know that [daughter-in-law and my son's] wedding dance was so beautiful and gracious. Everybody admired this peace of ART. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job.

Zoya Kuznetsova         "One Of The Best Teachers I dance ever met"
I have learned a lot in these semi-private, no more than 3-4 couples classes. Natasha is so much fun to work with and she always can find a way to help you understand not just steps but proper technique as well. I am a follow, but I just love dancing with her and hope to do a show-case with her one day.

Kirstin Han          "Best Dance Studio in Seattle"
I've been learning dance with Natasha for a couple years, and she has been great about helping me with everything from Ballroom (Standard and Latin) to Argentine tango and Salsa. She makes classes fun and exciting, and explains steps and body movements so i can understand them technically as well as associate them in layman's terms. She is very encouraging and flexible with her method of teaching, so everyone can learn comfortably at their own pace.

Myles   "Great instructor"
Natasha has been a great instructor to me for the past year. My girlfriend and I both have previous experience in ballroom and very much enjoy her as an instructor. She has a fantastic eye for what we can work on next and never overwhelms us with too many things but always keeps us challenged. I appreciate her humor and lighthearted approach as well, it really helps to diffuse the frustration when you just can't get something. Great instructor in the Bellevue/Redmond area and I can't say enough good about her.

Amy   "best dance class and instructor have ever taken"
Natasha is great at explaining what you need to learn as an individual. I am continuing to take this class and highly recommend it to anyone especially beginners.
   * Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator
How was this location?:
   * Awesome
How was the price?:
   * Great value

Brad   "You are the best teacher I've had!"
Natasha, you are so patient, funny and knowledgeable. Your descriptions of the movements are very clear and easy to follow and being able to dance with you directly is a great help since you can fine tune things that would never be fixed in a larger setting. I'm still surprised how complicated steps become so simple after your explanation and that I'm able to dance them by the end of the class!
   * Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Good communicator
How was this location?:
   * Awesome
How was the price?:
   * Great value

Marina "real pedagogic talent"
Natasha has a real pedagogic talent. To get my husband to come to class, stay and actually be able to dance was a miracle!

Doug   “Hands on”
What I like the most about Natasha’s teaching is “Hands on” experience. For both the lead and the follow to interact directly is great.

Rob   "small class size - a lot of individual attention"
I like Natasha’s classes because they are small so there is lots of individual attention. I also like the fact that we are getting a couple of pieces a night to incorporate into the larger set of moves.

Yelena    "convinient time, great location, immediate feedback"
What I like the most about the classes is convenient times and for us it’s a great location. The fact that there is practice time built in is useful, I wish I could use all of the time. Having time to practice anything and getting immediate feedback is really helpful for memorizing the correct way of doing the steps.

Juliana   "highly recommend" (3 - 5 y.o.)
Кстати, замечательная группа во главе с талантливым педагогом по танцам Наташей. Нам очень нравится! Всем, кому подходит по возрасту настоятельно рекомендую!
translation: "By the way, this is a wonderful group led by the telanted dance instructor - Natasha. We like the class very much! I highly recommend it to everyone whose children's age is appropriate!"

Natalia   "kids have fun"  (3 - 5 y.o.)
[My daughter] felt comfortable and welcomed. Kids have fun. Kids listen [to Natasha].

Mike    "I feel lucky..."
Elena is extremely professional, cool, and creative. Programs are tailored for individual needs and abilities.  And, she is a very patient teacher!  I feel lucky to be able to learn from Elena.

Mary and John  "absolutely awesome instructor!"
I know how hard it is to pick a dance instructor for your wedding lessons. My husband and I had six lessons with Elena to get us ready for our wedding dance. She is an absolutely awesome instructor! Very stylish, graceful, creative and a genuinely sweet person. She didn't just choreograph a dance for us to do, she actually taught us how to dance. She taught my husband how to lead a partner and she taught me how to follow. She gave us the tools we needed to really make our dance our own and it went off beautifully. We got lots of hoots and hollers from our dance which came off as fun, genuine, romantic and classy. I highly recommend Elena to anyone looking for a dance instructor!

Bruce    "gifted dancer, very patient"
Elena is a very gifted dancer. She is skilled with so many different types of dances and many different steps and variations of each dance.  It is a pleasure to have her teach, as she is very patient.